My New Nintendo 3DS XL

My Current 3DS I used to play my games

Cougar lai is a 14 year old chinese-canadian man Aka Super Cougar,Cougs,C.L,Cougar LeaCock,or The farther of Zman


Birthday december 21 2002

Country of birth:Hong Kong China

Moved to:Canada ??? 2006

Started playing roblox:2012 March

First roblox Account jhonkid34 (Banned)

Current roblox account Zmanrazorp2

Games played:Pokemon Sun And Moon,Pokemon Y(Formery) Pokemon X

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire,The secret life of pets unleashed and ROBLOX

Electonics owned:Ipad Air 2 (Used for ROBLOX,Video chat with mark,and games

Iphone (my moms)

3DS:New nintendo 3ds XL


Carrier i own:ROGERS Wireless

Favorite Food:Chicken Fries

Named after Cougar the cat,Mercury Cougar

Lives in:somewhere near Scarbrough Town Center 

Hint:20 story building
Mercury cougar

This is the car i named after

Cougar and max

Cougar lai

My own PC

HP Elite (MY PC) SPECS:Core i5 vpro,Windows 10 PRO,No video camera


My moms mobile phone carrier Rogers is home to 4G LTE,Internet,Home Phone,TV,On Demand,Smart Home Monitoring and ROGERS PLUS (Gone) Mom phones on rogers BlackBerry 9300 iPhone 4S Galaxy S7 Samsung Galaxy S3 Galaxy S4 Unknown Samsung Samsung koren phone Motorola Razr V3 iPhone 6S (Current)