The 11th Episode of Psycho Yuta.

Midori Gurin has a terrible fear of drowning.


  • Midori Gurin
  • YutaAsahina
  • NagisaShingetsu
  • Komaru Naegi
  • Aoi Asahina
  • Mahiru Koizumi

Story (TBE)

  • [Mahiru points her camera at her face]
  • Mahiru: So Yuta is trying to get Midori to swim, because she has a terrible fear of drowning.
  • [Mahiru walks to the pool and points the camera at Yuta and Midori]
  • YutaAsahina: [talking to Midori Gurin] You haven't even been in there 1 time.


  • This episode is based wafflepwn's Greatest freakout ever 14 video

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