The 6th episode of Psycho Yuta.

Nico Yazawa decides to pull a prank on Roblox user NagisaShingetsu because he's gotta go to work.


  • Nico Yazawa
  • Mahiru Koizumi
  • NagisaShingetsu

Cars used

  • 2012 Carbon Motors E7 (Civilian model)

Story (TBE)

  • [Mahiru is pointing her camera at Nagisa's car tire, then points the camera at Nico]
  • Mahiru: It's prank time, and Nico is going to deflate all of NagisaShingetsu's car tires.
  • Nico: This has gotta be done before Nagisa has to go to work.
  • [Nico is taking the cap off of Nagisa's car tire]
  • [The air is getting released from the rear right tire]
  • Mahiru: Nico, don't drop the tires too low, or he will notice it.


  • The Carbon Motors E7 was only made as a police car
  • This episode is based on violette1st's Kid gives Dad 4 flat tires video