The 16th Episode of Psycho Yuta.

Nico has been on her Wii U all day, and her mother disconnects the internet.


  • Nico Yazawa
  • Nico Yazawa's Mother
  • NagisaShingetsu

Cars used

  • 2013 GM Opel Mokka (Nico's Mother's Personal car, burned down)

Story (TBE)

  • [NagisaShingetsu is pointing the camera at Nico Yazawa's mother while Nico is raging on her Wii U in her room upstairs]
  • Nagisa: Another day, another Nintendo, MOMENT!
  • Naigsa: Nico!!!!
  • Nico: WHAT?!!?!?
  • Nagisa: Get down here girl.
  • Nico: I'm trying to play a game, don't mess with me.
  • Nagisa: Nico, you know what, you have been on their all day. Life exists beyond Wii U.
  • Nico's Mother: Keep this up. I'm gonna turn the internet off.
  • [Nico is still shouting upstairs]
  • Nagisa: Nico. Come on, life exists beyond Wii U, come on, I just want you to have a little of life besides Wii U.
  • Nico: Nagisa, get away!!!
  • Nagisa: Your mom's gonna turn it off.
  • [Nico's Mother gets up and turns the internet router off]
  • [Nico throws a fit about her mother turning the internet off]

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